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Quite simply, the lightest and most manoeuvrable stand up mobility scooter in the world with award-winning patented technology.

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Award Winning Mobility Scooter

The RollerScoot has also won several national awards: Naidex National - New Products Award - People’s Choice Winner, Able Magazine - Best in Show Award, Theo Paphitis SBS Award (Small Business Sunday). The production model has just recently been launched, is available to buy, and is protected by granted Patents and Trademarks.

Also featured in the Daily Mail

RollerScoot is the world’s first UPRIGHT stand up mobility scooter: The Machine is controlled by a joystick and folds into the boot of a car

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Featured in the Daily Mail

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Internationally patented, multi-award winning, more interactive, healthier, less stigmatised. It’s the future of mobility!

About RollerScoot®

My name is Ian Gray and I am the inventor of the RollerScoot®

I qualified as a Chartered Physiotherapist in 1990 and I am the owner of Torbay Mobility based in Paignton, Devon. I have over 25 years experience of disability and mobility equipment and therefore have a wealth of knowledge and skills to draw upon for the development of this fantastic new product.

Rollerscoot® perhaps may be best described as a Stand/Sit Personal Mobility Vehicle. The idea for the RollerScoot® was initially conceived around 5 years ago when I was travelling on a moving walkway in a supermarket and an elderly man in front of me was taking support from his shopping trolley. When he reached the end of the walkway, he struggled to get walking again. I thought it would be a great idea if he could have just continued round the supermarket on the moving walkway! So I imagined a kind of ‘hover scooter’ buzzing around, but also whilst the person was standing!

Given my background, I could immediately see the advantages of such a ‘standing personal mobility vehicle’ which was extremely manoeuvrable and with the ability to turn on the spot, small enough to fit through narrow doorways and in between furniture or the isles of shops, which was very light and compact, with the ability to be folded or disassembled, that could be rolled along the ground like a case, and be quickly and easily stored in the car boot or other convenient location!

Several prototypes later, I exhibited a half-decent, proof-of-concept RollerScoot® prototype at one of Europe’s largest mobility and rehabilitation exhibitions, Naidex, NEC Birmingham 1st -3rd May 2012, to a very enthusiastic reception! In fact, it won the prestigious New Product of The Year Award, voted for by the actual 11,000+ visitors to the show, out of hundreds of other new products, mostly from market leaders!

Using Naidex as a perfect platform to do some essential market research, many of my expectations of RollerScoot®'s advantages were soon realised.

RollerScoot in the Office
RollerScoot in the office.
RollerScoot in the Kitchen
RollerScoot in the kitchen.
RollerScoot in the Shop
RollerScoot in the shop.

Here is a summary of just some of the RollerScoot® benefits and features

The RollerScoot enables the user to remain at eye-level with those around them in the more functional, interactive and healthier upright position. It has an aluminium frame and chassis for lightness and durability, twin motors easily controlled using a joystick for exceptional manoeuvrability and stability, and powered by a rechargeable lithium battery pack. It can also be quickly folded or easily dismantled for stowage or transportation and has zero carbon emissions.

  • Health Benefits ‐ unlike conventional mobility vehicles, users of the RollerScoot can choose and change their body position between high-sitting, perching or the upright positions. As well as better posture, users have a greater sense of well-being, blood circulation and digestion improves, as do the symptoms of conditions such as diabetes and osteoporosis.
Also, users of the RollerScoot are able to remain generally more active as they are not confined to a seat and can easily step on and off the RollerScoot as when required, reducing the susceptibility to weight gain, obesity, osteoporosis, diabetes and helps maintain muscular strength and integrity as an increased sense of general wellbeing. Users are also able to see and observe their surroundings better, and to be able to converse and interact at the same level as others around them. The RollerScoot is a great boost for both mental health as well as physical health.

A BBC TV programme (‘Trust Me, I’m a Doctor’) highlighted a study by The University of Chester following many health benefit claims by the UK, USA and Australia of standing more and sitting less: The big standing up experiment

The well-respected organisation details many health benefits associated with sitting less and standing more: The human body is designed to move

The ‘Better Health Channel’ of Australia describes the many dangers that can result from for sitting for prolonged periods and that by changing body positions, altering posture and standing more can substantially reduce the susceptibility to these dangers in their article ‘The Dangers of Sitting: Why Sitting is the New Smoking’

The above are just a few references; many other media articles have highlighted that the ‘sitting disease’ is on the increase - and the RollerScoot helps to combat this, especially for those who are most at risk such as the elderly and less-able.

  • Social Empowerment ‐ many users of seated mobility vehicles feel demeaned and stigmatised by being in a lower position than those who are able to stand; the RollerScoot makes it possible to have eye level contact with others as well as do more of what those who can stand take for granted (such as reach a supermarket shelf or a light switch).
  • Manoeuvrability ‐ the RollerScoot turns on its own axis, will move in any required direction and will fit through any standard sized doorway.
  • Control ‐ the RollerScoot is easily operated (both speed and direction) using an ergonomic joystick-type controller (or suitable alternatives), with quiet and smooth power delivery from twin motors and the lithium-ion battery pack.
  • Safe & Stable ‐ the RollerScoot has a low-profile platform as well as a low centre of gravity. Speed is also automatically reduced on turning, drastically reducing any shift in centre of gravity. Coupled with the RollerScoot’s front support rest, the user is always assured of a safe and stable position.
The RollerScoot is light, compact and can be quickly folded up (or easily separated into 3 parts) to enable it to be stored in the boot of a small car; in a storage area in the home; or taken on public transport. It can also be stood on its end once folded and even wheeled along like a suitcase.


Read what people are saying about RollerScoot

The RollerScoot has transformed my life! My thanks to Ian and the team!

Mr P Southern


I use my RollerScoot for running around my house and going to the local shops! Being upright is definitely better for me - thank you!

Mrs A Williamson


I have taken my RollerScoot to Majorca on holiday and it was great for getting around the hotel and the local sea front!

Mr N Fowler


I use my RollerScoot for 8 hours a day at work, which is in a garage/workshop - much easier to get around than in my scooter or wheelchair!

Mr A. Kent


My RollerScoot is ideal for going round exhibitions and a I can actually see what is going on!

Mr J Arnott


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