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Test Drive the rollerscoot. Wheelchairs, rollators, walkers users see the difference.

Award winning patented technology

Benefits of

Here are some of the benefits that RollerScoot® has to offer.


For many years, the only options for those in need of mobility assistance have been walking aids such as sticks and crutches; rollators; wheelchairs (powered or manual); walkers and the mobility scooter.

Enter the RollerScoot®, the most important innovation in a generation that offers significant benefits over sticks and crutches, rollators, wheelchairs, walkers and mobility scooters. Including:

the RollerScoot® makes it possible to have eye level contact with others as well as do more of what those who can stand and move about easily take for granted (such as reach a supermarket shelf or light switch).

Moving around easily

The RollerScoot® is light, compact and can be easily folded up (or easily separated into 3 parts) to enable it to be stored in the boot of a small car; in a storage area in the home; or taken on public transport.

The benefits of standing are becoming recognised and, for example, details many health benefits associated with sitting less and standing more. A recent TV programme by the BBC highlighted a study by the University of Chester showing there were many benefits to standing more and sitting less. Users of the RollerScoot® are able to remain generally more active as they are not confined to a seat and can easily step on and off the RollerScoot®. This is not possible for users of wheelchairs, rollators and walkers.

Benefits of Rollerscoot

Examples of uses include:

Personal use: around the home; shops; supermarkets; shopping malls; holidays; airports; cruise ships; theme parks; exhibitions; sporting and other events; schools; colleges; hospitals; clinics; libraries; museums, zoos and other places of interest; retirement, nursing and residential homes.

Commercial use: supermarkets and shops; shopping malls; offices; warehouses; airports; cruise ships; theme parks; exhibition halls and exhibitions; sporting and other events; schools and colleges; libraries; museums, zoos and other places of interest; retirement, nursing and residential homes, rental market.

With all these benefits it's no wonder RollerScoot® is an award winning innovation.

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The RollerScoot® provides a stable platform that turns on its own axis; will move in any required direction; and will fit through any standard sized doorway.

standing on the rollerscoot

The RollerScoot® is easily operated (including speed and direction) using a fingertip controlled joystick (by the user or a carer); quiet and smooth power delivery from twin motors and the latest lithium-ion battery pack.

The easy to use joystick

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