The Journey of

My name is Ian Gray
and I am the inventor of the RollerScoot®

which perhaps may be best described as a Stand/Sit Personal Mobility Vehicle.

I qualified as a Chartered Physiotherapist in 1990 and I am the owner of Torbay Mobility based in Paignton, Devon. I have over 25 years experience of disability and mobility equipment and therefore have a wealth of knowledge and skills to draw upon for the development of this fantastic new product.

The idea for the RollerScoot® was initially conceived around 5 years ago when I was travelling on a moving walkway in a supermarket and an elderly man in front of me was taking support from his shopping trolley. When he reached the end of the walkway, he struggled to get walking again. I thought it would be a great idea if he could have just continued round the supermarket on the moving walkway! So I imagined a kind of ‘hover scooter’ buzzing around, but also whilst the person was standing!

Given my background, I could immediately see the advantages of such a ‘standing personal mobility vehicle’ which was extremely manoeuvrable and with the ability to turn on the spot, small enough to fit through narrow doorways and in between furniture or the isles of shops, which was very light and compact, with the ability to be folded or disassembled, that could be rolled along the ground like a case, and be quickly and easily stored in the car boot or other convenient location!

Several prototypes later, I exhibited a half-decent, proof-of-concept RollerScoot® prototype at one of Europe’s largest mobility and rehabilitation exhibitions, Naidex, NEC Birmingham 1st -3rd May 2012, to a very enthusiastic reception! In fact, it won the prestigious New Product of The Year Award, voted for by the actual 11,000+ visitors to the show, out of hundreds of other new products, mostly from market leaders!

Using Naidex as a perfect platform to do some essential market research, many of my expectations of RollerScoot®'s advantages were soon realised.