Read what people are saying about RollerScoot:


Mr P Southern, Corby: The RollerScoot has transformed my life! My thanks to Ian and the team!


Mrs A Williamson, Aberdeen: I use my RollerScoot for running around my house and going to the local shops! Being upright is definitely better for me - thank you!


Mr N Fowler, Oxenhope: I have taken my RollerScoot to Majorca on holiday and it was great for getting around the hotel and the local sea front!


Mr A. Kent, Cambridge: I use my RollerScoot for 8 hours a day at work, which is in a garage/workshop - much easier to get around than in my scooter or wheelchair!


Mr J Arnott, Hampshire: My RollerScoot is ideal for going round exhibitions and a I can actually see what is going on!